Graphic design


We’re experts when it comes to turn a branding-based concept into a graphic element and to promote the brand of a business in the market. We examine the brand, design their identity’s main features and bring a graphic piece to fruition.


We believe in print media importance as an additional communication channel in business world. Regarding editorial design, we contribute creative solutions to the organization of visual and written content, so we support our integrative view and we reflect our customer’s corporate identity.


We use the internet as a tool for content integration. We design and build corporate websites that provides support for business ideas, focused on e-commerce. We create websites with shopping carts to facilitate your client’s acquisitions, so your brand join e-commerce revolution.

Photography and retouching

Product photography

We take photos, use retouching and standardize every product using perfect angles and highlighting their qualities. We use the best lighting to enhance every product detail, either on a white or a custom background. The final work can be used in online stores, catalogues, or any other platform.


A photo production is carried out with the models wearing suitable clothes that promote their qualities with different kind of backgrounds and props. Through advertising photography, magazines and catalogues, it is created a branding-based concept.

Redes sociales

We bring your social media to life with creative images that would make your brand look much better for your followers. Our photos have their own personality and not only show the products, but also communicate and tell a story.

Architecture and Indoor Spaces

We depict spaces professionally as we capture the best time of the day, according to location and using natural light. We also work on post-production and final artwork to provide a high-resolution product that can be used in different platforms.


Social Media

We specialize in creating and spreading content in social media. We manage your communities and create digital strategies for developing your brand.

SEM and Ads Strategies

We use every available tool to increase your brand visibility. Our mission is to increase traffic to your website using online marketing systems, segmenting audience accurately and reaching your potential customers.

SEO Positioning

The key to the digital success is being easy to find by search engines. In Atípica Studio we optimize your site structure and content to rank better and get more organic traffic, becoming relevant in the search results.


Some of our projects




Cervecería CODA

Diseño, Marketing Digital

Cervecería CODA

Diseño, Diseño Web



AB Inmobiliaria

Audiovisual, Fotografía

Beatriz Sánchez

Diseño, Diseño Web

Fútbol Más

Audiovisual, Diseño